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An important part of Disaster Risk Reduction and our Climate Change support

Value Advisory Partners, in partnership with CSIRO, has developed a new approach to address current shortfalls in viable investment cases and funding for  interventions to build community resilience and reduce climate and disaster risk.

The Enabling Resilience Investment Framework is an assessment and decision-making toolkit to inform options, interventions, adaptation and mitigation to reduce climate and disaster risks.

The approach aims to reduce vulnerability and risk by increasing a community's capacity to cope and adapt to disruptions or disasters and by creating new value and community benefit through resilience.

Further information is available at the following link:


BV Report Nov 2021 border2.png

Towards visions, options and pathways for an adaptive future in Bega Valley: Building national capability for Enabling Resilience Investment

Authors:  O'Connell, Deborah ; Helfgott, Ariella ; Flett, Dianne ; Wise, Russ ; Meharg, Seona ; Marinopoulos, John ; Lee, Ashlin ; Gorddard, Russell ; Mesic, Nic ; Tieman, George ; Chan, Joey

Published by CSIRO. Publication date: November 2021

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