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Value Advisory Partners delivers strategic analysis and insights to clients to meet their organisational or policy objectives. Our purpose is to provide advice that is underpinned by deep analysis using methods and tools that are data driven to deliver evidence-based insights.  

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At Value Advisory Partners we have a clear purpose and focus to maximise and sustain the value that can be obtained by public and private sector clients from their investments. 

We do this through a structured approach using data and evidence to build knowledge to inform sound decision making.

We understand that value comes from multiple sources which can be integrated together to build a complete picture of the system to enable optimal value realisation and return.

The hallmark of our work and approach is collaboration and co-design with our clients to identify, maximise and sustain the opportunities to create and extract value from their investments.

We have a few core principles which we think help to get the best results for our clients.  These are to:

  • Collaborate with our clients to establish a shared understanding of the business need/opportunity so that the right solution is developed

  • Apply rigorous and repeatable analytical methods so that actionable solutions are delivered

  • Understand the commercial and financial benefits of strategies most appropriate to each clients’ circumstances

  • Seek to continually develop new capabilities to ensure our clients are best placed to gain from our knowledge and resources.

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At Value Advisory Partners we have a clear purpose and focus to maximise and sustain the value that can be created and captured by public and private sector clients from their investments. 

We do this through a structured approach using data and evidence to build knowledge to inform sound decision making.

We ensure that value comes from multiple sources and can be integrated together to build a complete picture of systems to enable optimal value realisation and return.

Our suite of tools provide the funding and delivery options to maximise and protect value.

Resilient Infrastructure Assessment

Value Advisory Partners, in partnership with CSIRO, has developed a new approach to address current shortfalls in viable investment cases and funding for  interventions to build community resilience and reduce climate and disaster risk.

The Enabling Resilience Investment Framework is an assessment and decision-making toolkit to inform options, interventions, adaptation and mitigation to reduce climate and disaster risks.

The approach aims to reduce vulnerability and risk by increasing a community's capacity to cope and adapt to disruptions or disasters and by creating new value and community benefit through resilience.

Further information is available at the following link:


Value Creation & Capture Analysis

With years of experience from engagements across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Value Advisory Partners we combine our insights, skills, practices and tools to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Precincts Analysis

When it comes to the planning, design and development of our places, communities and cities, success is dependent on establishing an evidence base that integrates “top down” and “bottom up” analysis, i.e. real data and projections/forecasts.  Importantly, to bring together a “macro” view of “the vision” and the “micro” view of what’s on the ground.  Our expertise makes sense of these macro and micro analyses to optimise outcomes.

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Analyzing Data

Data Analytics and Insights

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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John Marinopoulos

Founding Partner

John assists both private and government sector clients to create, enhance and capture the value derived from infrastructure projects.  A statistician by background, John has driven the development of highly predictive methods that are able to assess the value new infrastructure can deliver to provide guidance on how these benefits can be factored into project funding. With an increased focus on the infrastructure funding and financing challenge, John has worked on a number of iconic and critical infrastructure projects for all levels of governments and private clients, and is trusted as a key adviser and leading voice.

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Nic Mesic

Managing Partner

Nic has over 25 years’ experience in senior roles in consulting and advisory services, government, and business strategic planning. In these roles Nic has worked with Boards, senior executives, government agencies and community leaders to design and develop and implement business growth strategies and value creation and capture assessments in both the private and public sectors. Nic brings a wealth of experience in urban renewal and infrastructure planning involving the development and application of value capture frameworks, policy advice, and implementation.

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George Tieman


George Tieman is an advisor on cities, precincts and places who specialises in the integration between land use and infrastructure planning and delivery to maximise value and benefits to the community. George has over 20 years of experience in planning and urban development in government, academia and the private sector.  He combines advanced tertiary qualifications with strengths in strategic and analytic approaches in the urban context. George brings experience in transport and urban renewal covering a spectrum of assignments involving the development and application of value capture frameworks, policy advice, and research.

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Peter Heinmiller


Peter combines his academic background in organizational psychology with his professional experience in complex data and analytics to unlock insights for clients in the areas of infrastructure planning and funding, precinct planning, renewal and strategy, transport options analysis, development scenario assessments, and economic strategy and frameworks. He has a strong understanding of the city shaping role of infrastructure and how its planning, investment, delivery, and maintenance can dive social, economic, and environmental outcomes to improve the lives of the people who live, work and play in these places. Peter has designed, developed and applied sophisticated models and decision tools for input into business cases, strategic assessments, technical reports, strategy and government papers, particularly in the context of value creation and value capture.


Christopher Marinopoulos

Senior Consultant

Christopher has over 5 years of experience in both urban planning and architectural roles, with completed Masters qualifications in Design and Planning. His involvement in both small scale architectural design and precinct scale projects shows a wealth of knowledge to many areas of the built environment. He provides strengths in analytic approaches to built form, statistics, policy analysis, mapping including GIS and planning knowledge. Christopher’s expertise is the ability to integrate multiple analyses to provide clarity in insight for urban development, land use change, employment analysis and value realisation.

Dylan Pleiter 200dpi_0840_edited.jpg

Dylan Pleiter


Dylan has expertise in mathematics and statistics, specialising in the areas of data science and analysis. Over the past 7 years he has completed value creation and value capture analysis for a range of clients, as well as other big data analytic projects around transport and urban development.
Dylan is accomplished at analysing large data sets, including traffic and transport, real estate, employment, population and housing. This involves calculating targeted year-on-year projections which is used to complement VAP’s rapid assessment of value creation and value capture models. Dylan’s ability to navigate multiple cloud based environments provides a significant level of digital efficiency to VAP’s delivery models.


Joey Chan


Joey has expertise in accounting, finance and data analytics. She has completed value analyses, real estate, infrastructure, transport modelling, and aviation areas for a range of clients.
Joey is accomplished at undertaking context analyses of localised areas, focussing on community and social amenity. This involves ascertaining amenities of maximum value to sectors of the community and how further value can be created for those sectors. Joey’s ability to speak multiple languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean) allows her to develop insights with multicultural communities and communicate with a diverse range of clients.


Christopher Nones


I am formerly a Microbiologist and Applications scientist doing research, development work and technical communicator. I decided to pursue a career in Data Science as it encapsulates key concepts that I find rewarding in a professional context. These include: pursuing and developing cutting edge technologies; collecting and wrangling data to useful forms; analysing and presenting data to form insights and actions; careful and systemic experimental design; problem solving and story telling. Along the way I’ve discovered a passion for coding and data visualization but am equally enthralled by machine learning and AI and hope to gain more experience in any and all forms of Data Science. In my free time I like to be creative with music and audio visual work.

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Image by Ali Maah

The quality of the analysis and modelling has been exceptional and this has built a solid foundation for the Master Plan and the Business Case for funding. The Business Case itself is both compliant and compelling to State Government forms and strategies.

The senior officers, Nic, John and George, were diligent in explaining the modelling and approach with our teams, most of whom had not participated in developing plans such as these before. This coaching and support was highly valued and has continued well after the completion of the formal works.

CEO in Tourism

Modern Apartment Building

The VAP process of identifying the economic benefits (dis-benefits in some circumstances) allows an informed conversation about the available development alternatives for both cost and value, which enables collaboration between government and the development industry leading to better and faster decision making.

CEO in the Property Development Industry

Sustainable Energy

A priority reason for why we partnered with VAP was to co-design and develop the prioritization framework and guidance was because of VAP’s capabilities and capacities in identifying, quantifying and evaluating novel and exciting opportunities for creating (and exploring diverse mechanisms for capturing) additional value from potential commercial investments.

Commonwealth Government Agency

Image by Vlad Shapochnikov

VAP provided our Malaysian team with excellent technical know-how via their global and regional experience. VAP worked seamlessly with our local economics and policy team demonstrating versatility in collaborating with team members of varied backgrounds and technical capabilities

Leading International Consultancy

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